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 SonicBit Cloud Storage

Elegant, Intelligent, Fast, Better

Store any type of digital file such as your photos, videos, music, recordings, arts, and more to our powerful cloud storage. Upload yours, or get them from the internet, and then sync / remote upload the file to the most popular cloud storage provider. Our service are available to all platform, accessible anywhere from any of your device, such as your computer, smartphone and tablet.


Next Generation Cloud Downloader & Uploader

Every features you need.
We make it SIMPLE for you.

Access to our service using our web dashboard OR our mobile apps.

Torrent Downloader

It’s not that hard to use seedbox...

Download files quickly & easily to our cloud.

Convert torrent file to direct HTTP/HTTPS link with high speed. We improve how seedbox works, we add the most needed features, we redefined everything to be used by the most average user in the internet. If you are still beginner, here is for you to start. Whatever level you are, you in the right place. Cheap, Budget, Yet Still Fast, Unlimited, Reliable SeedBox.

Remote Download
Remote Upload

Upload Without Hassle

We have a special tools for you. You do not need to download files to your device to upload to your cloud provider. Using our service, in just a few clicks, your files are ready in your cloud! Simply remote upload your precious files into multiple choice of remote/ cloud provider such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or to any FTP connection through our service.

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Modern Dashboard

We provide you a modern, user-friendly dashboard to manage your files, designed for your smartphone, tablet or your Laptop/ PC, access it everywhere as long as your have an internet connection.

High End Server

High-end server with latest technology, we make sure our software always up-to-date, so we can add more features over time for better and reliable user experience.

Mobile Apps Ready

Faster access to your files and account status. Download files, remote upload, view account info, ugprade subscription can be done using our apps. Available on App Store for iOS and Play Store for android.


Your connection our cloud is secured by SSL. We keep all your data encrypted. Download without your ISP restriction. We secure your download, nobody knows.


We value your privacy. All your data is safe with us. Only you will able to access your files. You have your own space, where no one else there.

Cheap & Quality + Features

With the good offer & features, we still able to provide a budget service. We offer a full high speed download and caching, fast transloading, less waiting time, Unlimited traffic, with our 10 GBPS network speed combined, for as low as 2.15 Dollar, with a lot of features. You won't get any better than this.

Plans built according to your needs.

Starts with free 4 GB storage.


FREE Forever

4 GB of Storage


Starts at
2.15 USD / Month

from 20 GB of Storage


Starts at
5.2 USD / Month

from 100 GB of Storage

Instant Access/ Deployment

(Instant access to our member dashboard, no waiting time.)

Secure SSL Download

(Safely download your file with HTTPS connection.)

Video & Audio Streaming

Access to our mobile apps (iOS & Android)

Remote Upload

(Remote upload files to popular cloud service.)


Public only

Public & Private

Private only

File lifetime

Removed after 24 hours.



Download as ZIP

Up to 500 MB ZIP size.

My Drive Access

HD Video Streaming

*(Up to 4K Video streaming)

SFTP & FTP Access

(Download/ manage your files through SFTP/ FTP connection.)

Remote Seedbox (RPC)

(Manage our seedbox using third party application.)

Remote Download

(Download fle using HTTP/ HTTPS link directly to our cloud storage)

Unlimited Torrent

(Convert all torrent to direct HTTPS/ HTTPS link without limitation.)

Free Forever
(No Credit Card Required)

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Billed Monthly, Quarterly(10%Off),
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What they say about SonicBit

"It has a sleek, elegant interface with less clutter. Once you're logged in, you can navigate through the interface with ease and do various operations according to your choice."

Blog Author

"Been with them almost 2 years and no major issue at all. Admin was so friendly and always help to assist on any issue. Very fast downloading torrent to their seedbox. I like the ZIP features and remote upload to Google Drive and pCloud, as I used this feature frequently. They also support OneDrive and Dropbox too. They do provide FTP, SFTP and RPC for remote seedbox, but I didn't really use it, but it's a great features."


Sensara Amy @

"Wow! compared to another torrent cloud, the price is so cheap. Service is very good too !"


Chris Walker

"I downloaded fles to my cloud, it suprised me the file was ready under 10 second! GG"


Azham Daris

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99.8% Uptime
High download speed
Best Support

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